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Hi, I’m Stella (yah, that beer).

I recently graduated from Interaction Design at the University of Washington.
I am currently working in San Francisco as a UX Designer at Salesforce.

I love to experience new things and learn weird stuff

So far, I have lived all over the United States and read around 36 books each year to keep learning while I am not on the road.

I wrote over 400 Yelp reviews in the past 3 years all over the world and got to try numerous free food.

I am a designer who combines research, data, and pixels.

I specialize in “information mining” and take full advantage of research as well as data to help me define the problem.

After defining the right problem to design for, I also enjoy bringing the research and data back into the pixels and spending days refining the smallest visual details.

I strive to be a well-rounded designer by immersing myself in other disciplines.

To develop my gut for design, I learn from other disciplines.

I have been taking a variety of roles such as marketing, research, event planning, solution engineering, consulting and more in order to deliver a truly interconnected design.